Family Portraits | Coral, Green & Brown

I get a LOT of questions from clients when it comes to family portraits, but by far one of the most popular is definitely “what should we wear?” Well, to help you all out I’ve decided to start up an on going blog about the subject. First and foremost I tell clients to think about the location you’ve chosen and time of year, and dress weather appropriately. Think about how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you want to be. Of course we all want to look our best, but in my opinion the more comfortable you are, the more genuine you’re going to be as well. So if you’re doing photos in summer, choose clothes that are not only going to make you look great, but that you also won’t be sweating to death in 😉 And then next is your color choices. Don’t feel you have to match and all wear the same color, but instead think about how to complement each other. You still want to be individuals with each unique personality, just try to think about how you will balance each other in the group.

So here’s an example. This season’s big color trend is bold and bright. So I say pick one of your favorites that’s flattering to you and then build on it. Here I’ve chosen coral, and then took colors that don’t complete, but complement each other. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns as well as long as they aren’t too busy, and again, they complement each other. Bottom line, as long as you feel good, and balance each other out, it’s gonna make for some great family photos!