About the dlpROLEmodels Program

What are dlp ROLEmodels?

You may have heard about senior photographers using what they call Model Reps, Model Teams or Street Teams. They are, in essence, a group of handpicked senior representatives within each school that are traditionally used to promote that photographer's brand.

Well, this is NOT just one of those kind of programs. While we will be doing plenty of fun photo shoots and you will be representing my brand, I truly want dlpROLEmodels to be different. The best way to promote a brand is still word of mouth, and while I'd love for you to give me a shout out here and there, I really wanted to focus on what we can do together for our community and each other.

So if you are motivated to give back, love getting your photo taken, and would like to be involved in something that is fun, encouraging and bigger than yourself, then I would LOVE for you to fill out the application to be a dlpROLEmodel!

What are the Perks?

Group Sessions: We will be planning at least 2 creatively styled group photo shoots, but more could be added. These could be anything from Coachella to Urban in theme. We will come up with ideas and vote on your favorites.

Individual Classic Sessions: This is your own individual Classic senior session. You'll be getting the full star treatment just like any other paying client with up to 2 hours of shooting time and 3-4 outfit changes. 

Service Projects: Part of what makes this program unique is the service projects I want to make available for group participation. We will be planning at least 2 large projects with the oppurtunity to add more througout the year. 

Fellowship and Fun! In addition to all the photo shoots and service projects, I have plenty of fun group activities planned as well. Don't worry, nothing is mandatory - this is all supposed to be fun so if you can't make everything don't stress about it!

Are there any requirements to be a ROLEmodel?

1. You MUST have your parent/guardian's permission to participate and be willing to sign a model release.

2. You have to apply to be considered! I only send out these applications once a year, so make sure you meet the deadline!

3. You have to pay the enrollment fee before you can participate in photo sessions or service projects, as well as sign an agreement not to model and advertise for another photographer during your dlpROLEmodel experience.

4. You must be active on social media and be willing and excited (yay!) to post about your dlpROLEmodel experiences and sessions.

5. You must attend an area 417 high school and be willing to travel in the Springfiled/Branson area. 

6. Being comfortable around the camera, having a big heart and a willingness to try new things aren't requirements, but they will sure help!